Have questions about impact resistant products? Featured below are answers
to the most popular questions window and door shoppers ask us.

Yes, we will gladly make free estimates of your windows and/or doors windows and doors. One of our specialist will discuss your replacement options to fit your style and budget.

Boca Raton Impact Windows are made with heavy-duty aluminum frames and double glazing panes which keep both cold and hot air from entering the home. Impact windows provide excellent insulation, helping to isolate home interiors from weather changes and contributing to significant savings on monthly utility bills.

If the entire home is protected with Boca Raton Impact Windows, policy holders can receive up to 25% in insurance premium discounts. In most cases discounts range between 10-20%. Check with your insurance carrier to obtain more information about how you can receive discounts on your insurance premiums by protecting your home with Boca Raton Impact Windows.

Impact-resistant windows and doors from Boca Raton Impact Windows are scientifically designed to help reduce outdoor noise. Many of our clients have told us that their impact windows have brought a new peace and quiet to their homes that they had never before experienced. Especially for those who live near busy intersections or highways, or even in communities with children and homes in close proximity to each other, installing impact-resistant windows and doors from Boca Raton Impact Windows has provided a renewed tranquility to the living environment.

No, never. The so-called vinyl windows and doors do not have the quality or structure and strength of aluminum. For this reason building builders never use vinyl or plastic windows in buildings where the force requirements of winds and impacts are higher than those of a house.
In addition, the anchors that are made with the screws do not accept the pressure that it must have to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds.

Boca Raton Impact Windows is proud to offer fast turnaround times with outstanding project management. Our delivery times are kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality of work or service depending on the season of the year. With that said, Boca Raton Impact Windows delivery times range 20 weeks for impact windows and doors. For Accordion shutters 1.5 week.

Boca Raton Impact Windows offers installation services for Boca Raton and vicinity areas.

By installing Boca Raton Impact Windows the value of your property increases immediately. The addition of high-quality impact windows and doors from Naples Impact is an investment in your property that pays for itself.

Each city and county has building codes and in Florida many pertain primarily to address the risks of hurricanes. These codes are mandated to insure that new homes being built and those being remodeled have the best and safest building products available. When you choose Boca Raton Impact Windows to install your hurricane-resistant impact windows and doors you can be certain that the products you purchase meet and exceed the building codes for your area. If you’re not sure about the building codes and recommended standards for your area, Boca Raton Impact Windows will be happy to offer you a free consultation so that you can be sure that your home conforms to code and is as safe as possible for you and your family.

Miami-Dade is known to have the most strict approval codes for hurricane-resistant impact windows and doors. Unlike many of our competitors who claim their products meet Miami-Dade code standards when very few do, all of our windows and doors are Miami-Dade County and State of Florida approved.

Boca Raton Impact Windows offers the highest quality impact windows and doors that deliver both strength and aesthetics. Our clients know that our customer service is the finest in the industry. Our products have the best quality and we offer a 5 stars guarantee backed by our manufacturers.

During the window and door installation, the security system will be detached from the window frame. We will leave the wires exposed; you need an alarm company to reattach your alarm system.

Yes . Boca Raton Impact Windows serves only Boca Raton and vicinity areas. Boca Raton Impact Windows is just around the corner to supply you with the finest impact windows and impact doors at the best price.


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